Hello. I'm Glad You're Here.

My name is Judy Sombar, and above all terms that may be used to describe me is this: I am a deeply flawed, sometimes irreverent, funny, persistent determined work in progress. I am a 49 year-old woman, native to the D.C. area, living in the South Hills of Pittsburgh for the last fifteen years. 


I have four amazing children, a girl and three boys, ranging in age from 12-22 years old, with whom I am imperfectly navigating parenthood. I am an avid community catalyst, proud member and supporter of those on the  LGBTQ continuum, warrior of justice and equality for all, and staunch advocate of the plight of the most vulnerable children in and around the cities where I reside. I am a passionate writer, sometimes simply telling of the extraordinary life I notice amidst the ordinary of my days.


I regularly, and vehemently, rebel against shame, and the comfort zone of society, to share my hard truths, and my triumphs, as I live them- sometimes off the cuff, seriously or with a comedic flare, at times flagrantly using all manner of four letter words and biological terms that some would shun at the dinner table and family gatherings. 


I have battled the ravages of anxiety, ADHD, eating disorders, and trauma, since childhood, and have seen the inside of hospitals and treatment facilities, for those diagnoses, multiple times as an adult. I openly speak my story, both on social media, and in public forums, so that those who are suffering in silence, know that they are not alone, and to work towards erasing the stigma associated with mental illness and who our world considers "normal." 


I am also a mama to two rescue pitbulls, whose unconditional love and slobbery affection, scaffold my world. 


Thank you for joining me on this journey. I welcome your feedback, as well as your own hard truths. Feel free to comment on my posts, or email me, privately.


You and your story matters!